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Spring is almost upon us, and Texas is spectacular this time of year. Trees are blossoming, and the weather is perfect—not too cold, hot, or humid. If you are looking for a place to book a relaxing, enjoyable getaway this spring, then look no further than Magnolia, Texas and Magnolia Fields RV Park and Resort.

Magnolia is a charming small town in the heart of southeast Texas with many beautiful sights to explore. Whether you are interested in outdoor activities or cultural attractions, Magnolia has something for everyone. Plus, with all the warm weather in springtime, it is the perfect time to visit this fantastic spot.

Whether it’s hiking through trails, fishing, zip-lining, kayaking, golfing, or enjoying a delicious meal, visiting Magnolia in the spring is an experience like no other. So, let’s check out 11 outdoor spring activities you and your family can enjoy!

1. Unity Park

Unity Park in Magnolia welcomes you if you are looking for gentle family fun.

Organize a full day at Unity Park and pack a picnic. Few things can beat spending a day there, walking and relaxing amid nature. There are activities available for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

Unity Park has an amphitheater and a covered pavilion, complete with a kitchen. Children can enjoy the sand volleyball court—which can also be your excuse for practicing your volleyball skills. As for teenagers, they love the skateboard park where they can show off their technique.

Younger children can entertain themselves at the playground and the waterworks. Families enjoy the trails, which are just the right length to work up an appetite. There is plenty of room for everyone to run around, exercise, and have fun. And when you’re done, the picnic area awaits you!

2. Geronimo Adventure Park

Are your children crazy about zip-lining and adventures? You will find several zip line courses (Go High, Go Fly, Go Long), trails and hikes, and aerial challenges to keep the adrenaline going—while remaining perfectly safe. There are several zip-lining adventures to choose from.

You can easily spend a whole day at the Geronimo Adventure Park, as there are also wall climbing, axe throwing, and plenty of other games to practice and enjoy.

When the time comes for something to eat, reserve a fire pit and spend quality family time around it. This adventure park is perfect for adults to unwind and relax and for children and teenagers to forget about mobiles and tablets and focus on outdoor fun.

3. Burroughs Park

Do you want to try fishing? Are you looking for a place where all the family can spend time outdoors?

Burroughs Park is an excellent destination for all. Spend some time catch-and-release fishing at the seven-acre fishing lake and relax while you wait for the fish to take the bait.

Visitors can also enjoy the softball and soccer fields, while children have three playgrounds and can bike all around the area.

Those who love hiking can walk on the trails to take in the views and watch Texas’ pristine nature. Avid photographers always find plenty of spots for the perfect snapshot.

Burroughs Park also has a dog park with large and small dog sections. If you have your furry friend, you can take them with you and enjoy spending time together. And if you get hungry, you have a barbeque pavilion at your disposal.

4. Kayaking

If you like watersports, Lake Paloma awaits you. Visitors typically opt for kayaking in the Woodlands, with kayaks being available on a self-serve basis. You only need to download a kayak app, rent your kayak, and be on the water, kayaking amidst the stunning Texan scenery.

No matter where you are traveling from, you don’t have to worry about bringing a kayak or any safety equipment along. Share Kayak provides all of this within your rental, so you’ll just get a boat, paddle, and life vest all at once. It’s a great way to get in the water without lugging your own stuff from home.

5. Texas TreeVentures

“It’s high time to book your climb” at Texas TreeVentures!  This aerial challenge makes you climb high up on trees, reaching tree houses and passing climbing elements of varying difficulty.

The whole family can join in for a great day of ambitious adventures that are guaranteed to boost your family’s team spirit.

You get to experience the aerial course at your own pace and within your comfort level, so there is no pressure on anyone. Depending on physical strength and stamina, there are different levels and elements to climb. Families with small children can look for the more manageable levels, while more experienced climbers can move on to more challenging ones. To reach a difficult level, you must first finish the previous ones, which makes it great for people who need help with their climbing skills.

6. Kleb Woods Nature Preserve

Are you looking for a place to unwind and forget about everyday worries? Kleb Woods Nature Reserve hosts beautiful walking trails, wetlands, and pine forests to lose yourself in.

Once farmland, the area was turned into woodlands by the Kleb family and is now packed with various species of oaks, pines, and pecans.

Plenty of space is available to walk, sit, and enjoy the surrounding nature. You can also visit the small heritage farm that displays historical farm tools and shows how Texan farmers used to live a hundred years ago. You see what it used to be like and how connected farmers were to the land that provided their livelihood.

7. Magnolia Stroll

The Magnolia Stroll takes you around Magnolia in the gentlest possible way. You can dedicate a morning or an afternoon to enjoying the Stroll.

The Stroll is only half a mile long, so it’s perfect for families with young children and toddlers or for older people looking for a serene walk. It is also great for a quick jog to invigorate your muscles. As it is shaded by trees, it makes the whole effort comfortable and pleasant.

While on The Stroll, you will meet Magnolia locals and take in our town’s communal feeling.

There is seating available if you have a snack in the middle of a lush scenic area with trees and vegetation. The Stroll is full of character and representative of the spirit and charm of Magnolia. It is also a wonderful space to spend a little time outside, either on your own or with your kids.

8. Pinebrook Farms

If you find yourself staying at Magnolia Fields RV Resort, take some time to visit Pinebrook Farms and try your skills at horse riding. Pinebrook Farms is the perfect place to experience the life of equines and enjoy horse riding lessons.

Experienced instructors guide adults and children and help them develop their riding skills. All you need to do is visit the Farm and you’ll be galloping under Texan skies in no time.

9. High Meadow Ranch Golf Club

Magnolia offers visitors plenty of activities, including golf. The High Meadow Ranch Golf Club features three six-hole loops set amidst spectacular scenery.

Both beginners and seasoned golfers alike will find what they are looking for at this golf club, as it combines fast greens with some challenging holes. Instructors are there to help beginners and guide them into the intricacies of golf.

There are several elevations and water challenges if you want to amp up your game, along with a clubhouse and a full-service club and bar to turn your day into the perfect golfing experience.

10. Farmers’ Market

The Magnolia Farmers’ Market on Tamina is available every Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You will find there fifty vendors selling the freshest and most delicious greens, micro-greens, and fruit.

All vendors are local and sell fresh produce straight from their farms. You will also find eggs, meat, and artisanal products such as soap, cheese, cookies, and baked goods.

The farmers’ market is a great way to restock your RV in a fun way. You can talk with the vendors and discover how they grow their products while enjoying the freshest, tastiest products and handmade goods imaginable.

11. Fernland Historical Park

Fernland Historical Park shows visitors what frontier life used to be like back in the day. Homes, log cabins, and shops are on display, as well as a museum to help visitors get an idea of the life pioneers led 250 years ago.

You can get a full tour of the Park’s houses, led by helpful guides who will explain how people lived and how they used their tools to produce everything they needed. You get to discover first-hand early life in Montgomery and appreciate the efforts and determination of Texans. 

If it sounds like entering a time machine, that’s exactly what it feels like, and it’s a wonderful way to bring forward the richness of Texas’ past.

To return gently to the present, there is also a pond with plenty of turtles to feed, along with several walking trails.

Don’t Forget to Book a Spot at Magnolia Fields

You’ll need an incredible place to stay while taking in the sights and activities in and around Magnolia, Texas. Luckily, Magnolia Fields RV Park and Resort is an all-inclusive RV park set within 12 acres of Texas woodland. Guests can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and take in the views, picnic under the canopy of trees, or have a go at zip lining. Children will find plenty of activities to unleash their energy. Families can spend time together in the stunning Texan landscape and make lasting memories.

The Magnolia Fields RV Resort can welcome 85 RVs. We offer full hook-ups, restroom facilities, a laundry room, and a pavilion to meet with friends. Pets are welcome because Magnolia Fields RV Resort is your home away from home—and no home is complete without our four-legged family.

While on your adventures, we would love for you to stop at Magnolia Fields. You can book your spot online or call us at 281-825-8573 to make a reservation. We look forward to seeing you.