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The Texas Renaissance Fair Is an Amazing Experience to Enjoy

Why do Texans love October? Sure, the milder temperatures and the beautiful fall colors are pretty amazing—but so is the Texas Renaissance Fair, which takes place every year in Todd Mission, Texas. This year, the fair opens on Friday 8th October and will be operating every weekend up until and including Thanksgiving Friday 2022, when it ends.

To those traveling to the fair by RV, the best way to enjoy the Fair is by staying in Magnolia. Our Magnolia Fields RV Resort gives you plenty of space to park your RV and enjoy the surrounding area. Every weekend, you can head to Todd Mission, which is a short drive from our RV Resort. The Renaissance Fair will be waiting for you to enjoy a wide choice of events, mouth watering food, and unique shops.

By parking your RV in Magnolia Fields, you get to experience the many events of the Renaissance Fair across several weekends, until a little before Christmas. Every weekend offers a different theme and various events, so head to Magnolia, Texas, and dive into an experience of enjoying times past.

What Can I Do at the Texas Renaissance Fair?

Shopping at the Texas Renaissance Fair

There are so many things to do, watch and enjoy at the Texas Renaissance Fair. You will find plenty of shops selling artisanal clothes, jewelry, pottery, decorations, and costumes.

The Fair is the perfect place to buy beautiful presents for yourself and your loved ones, not to mention handcrafted Christmas presents from shops that are as unique as the craftspeople that made them. Where else can you appreciate the originality and creativity of all products on sale—and find gifts even for that friend who has it all?

Eating and Drinking at the Texas Renaissance Fair

The grounds at the Fair are brimming with an unmatched variety of places to eat and drink. You will find delicious ethnic foods, delectable English Tea, and yummy pizza, plus lots of drinks, candy, and desserts, as well as coffee and beers.

The best way to enjoy all these places, of course, is by visiting the Texas Renaissance Fair on several occasions to sample everything the place has to offer.

Activities and Shows

Theater, music, and shows abound at the fair. From bird shows and comedies to medieval music with original instruments, folk music, jugglers, and Celtic music, there is something for everyone, including children. Every weekend offers something new and different, so make sure you take in all the beauty of medieval entertainment.

Children will find a petting zoo, mazes, a tower slide, and pony and carriage rides. Nobody gets bored at the Renaissance Fair, so put on your most comfortable shoes and start exploring!

Park Your RV at the Magnolia Fields RV Resort

Make the most of the area and stay for longer. All you have to do is park your RV at our Magnolia Fields RV Resort and start exploring Magnolia, Houston, and all the surrounding areas.

Our 85 RV spots are paved and spacious with full service offered to every guest. The property offers restroom facilities, a laundry room, and outdoor cooking facilities to enjoy time and meet your neighbors if you want to.

We have an on-site pond as well as 12 acres of beautiful nature. Dogs are welcome and they love taking nice walks across our property—especially when they encounter colorful Texas wildlife such as squirrels and deer.

We offer long-term parking packages for RV owners who like to bask in the beauty of Magnolia and would love to participate at the Renaissance Fair. Book your spot now online, by calling us at 281.825.8573, or by visiting us at 33595 Dobbin Huffsmith Rd, Magnolia TX, 77354, and prepare to have the best time of your life!