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Summer is the best time to take your RV and drive around America. If you choose Magnolia, Texas, you will enjoy plenty of sunshine and do a lot of sightseeing. You can visit local breweries, beautiful parks, farmers’ markets, golf courses, and, of course, the beauty of Houston and the Gulf coast.

Magnolia can get quite warm and humid in the summer due to the moisture from the Gulf coast. Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your RV cool during your stay and enjoy Magnolia and the surrounding area.

Park in a Shady Place

The simplest solutions still work best. Before booking your RV spot, check if there are any shady places in the RV park you have chosen. The trees will provide welcome shade and block the sun. Your RV will remain cool during the day and it’s always nice to sleep under the trees and hear the leaves rustle over your head.

Improve the Internal Airflow

Make sure your RV is well-ventilated and the air flows freely. Park your RV so that the door and the patio area are in the shade. That way, you can enjoy sitting outside in the shade while cooler air flows into your RV.

Open and Close Windows Wisely

During the day, shut your RV windows early in the morning to keep cooler temperatures inside. Early in the evening, open your windows as soon as the sun is down to let in the evening breeze, which will refresh and cool down your RV.

Buy a Fan

If your RV doesn’t have AC, buy a fan. It can lower temperatures inside and make them more pleasant by helping air circulate around.

Use a Dehumidifier

Humidity is significant in Texas. If you plan on staying in Magnolia, Texas, for some time, you could buy a dehumidifier. Humidity makes the body feel the heat more intensely, which is why dry heat is much more bearable than humid one. Run your dehumidifier throughout the day to keep internal humidity levels close to 40-50%.

Use Your AC

If your RV has an AC unit, use it. It will keep temperatures low inside the AC, reduce humidity, and make living in your RV more pleasant. Remember to maintain your AC unit well by servicing it regularly so that it runs smoothly when you need it.

Cover Skylights and Windows

Skylights and windows are great, but glass is a poor insulator and can turn your RV into a greenhouse. Keep them covered while parked to block sunshine from entering the RV. There are various window and skylight shades to choose from and install. If possible, install thermal blinds on your windows, ideally external ones. This will increase the insulation of your RV and keep the summer heat out.

Cook Outside

Enjoy the outdoors—after all, it’s summer! The oven and stovetop create extra heat, which is the last thing you need in the middle of summer.

Instead of cooking inside, make use of Magnolia RV Park facilities and BBQ or prepare lunch and dinner outside. It will make you feel closer to nature and is a wonderful way to take in the views and natural beauty of the outdoors. Make the most of your holidays by preparing easy meals that don’t require too much cooking.

Use LED Lights Inside Your RV

Replace all your incandescent lights with LED lights, which produce much less heat. This will help minimize the heat produced from your appliances in the RV.

Use Your RV Awnings

Open your RV awnings to block the sunshine from reaching inside your RV. The air inside will remain cooler and more pleasant, and you will have plenty of shade to sit under and enjoy the amazing views of Magnolia RV Park.

Summer Is the Season to Have Fun with Your RV

Take your RV and visit Magnolia, Texas, for a wonderful stay close to nature. Surrounded by stunning woods and the beauty of Texas nature, you will enjoy your holidays in your RV and have plenty of options for dining, visiting, and entertainment around Magnolia and Houston.

Book your Magnolia Fields RV Resort reservation online, call now 281.825.8573, or visit us at 33595 Dobbin Huffsmith Rd, Magnolia TX, 77354 and let the good times roll!

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