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You are ready to take your RV and hit the road! You have plenty of time, plenty of ideas, and dozens of places to visit. Now, the only thing left is to choose where to stay: at an RV resort or RV park? What’s the difference, anyway?

RV resorts and RV parks differ in the sort of amenities and facilities they offer. RV resorts deliver more services and offer more amenities compared to RV parks. Resorts are more organized and offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment outside your RV.

Your choice between an RV resort and an RV park depends on what you want from your RV adventure. Are you looking for a comfort level comparable to your home or do you prefer something a bit less organized? Are you interested in something even more rustic, such as an RV campground?

It all depends on the type of holiday or long-term arrangement you are looking for and the lifestyle that best suits your personality.

What’s an RV Campground?

Let’s start with the most rustic type of RV accommodation: the RV campground.

RV campgrounds are usually located on federal or state land. They are less organized or regulated than RV parks and RV resorts. They have a minimum of amenities, such as a fire pit or a picnic table. While some RV campgrounds offer water and electricity, it is best if you enquire. Some campgrounds have a dump station but, again, you need to confirm.

Campgrounds are not always owned and run by a person, which means you could face broken toilets or garbage on the ground if nobody takes care of the surrounding area.

RV campgrounds are great for people looking to experience nature at its closest. They tend to be located in woods and forests. Each RV pad is far away from its neighbor, which gives you more seclusion and privacy. Some RV campgrounds offer hiking and biking trails and beautiful scenery to enjoy. As a rule, they tend to be pretty quiet. Finally, most RV campgrounds also accommodate campers with tents.

However, RV pads are not always paved and these campgrounds tend to have narrow and dirt roads, as well as trees limiting maneuverability. Before visiting one, make sure your RV fits the space where you plan to park it.

That’s why we suggest you have a full tank of water and have emptied your black and grey tank before parking in an RV campground.

What’s an RV Park?

An RV park is more organized than an RV campground. It usually has full or partial hookups like water, electricity, and sewers.

Parks are privately owned and managed by dedicated personnel: this makes them clean and well-tended. Their parking pads are paved and spacious and they may have groomed, landscaped, lawn-covered grounds.

The RV park will let you know how you can park your RV. Some RV parks are pull-in-pull-through, which means you don’t have to maneuver your RV into place. If the RV park has a single entrance, you will either have to back in or back out when parking your RV, so that’s helpful.

RV parks are usually located close to towns. Their proximity makes them appealing to RV owners who are looking for entertainment, dining out, arts, and culture while they reside in their RV. Most RV parks are for seasonal or long-term residents who enjoy living in their RV for extended periods of time.

What’s an RV Resort?

An RV resort is the most comfortable and well-equipped type of park for your RV. RV resorts offer scores of amenities, such as showers, common areas, laundry rooms, Wi-Fi, BBQ areas, swimming pools, tennis courts, landscaped grounds, as well as full hookups for your RV.

An RV resort will help you slide gently into RV living. The available amenities mean you can shower, do your laundry, dine on the lawn, and make friends with your neighbors in a safe and protected area. RV resorts combine a cozy community ambiance with the freedom of RV living.

Parking pads are paved and roomy, which helps RV drivers park their RV easily and hassle-free.

RV resorts are commonly situated close to cities and towns. This lets RV owners enjoy the best of both worlds: seclusion in a protected community but also proximity to plenty of activities, fine dining and drinking, entertainment, fairs, and cultural events.

How Do I Choose between an RV Park and an RV Resort?

The choice is really yours. If you like your RV adventure more nature-oriented, you may prefer an RV campground, which offers minimal amenities but is closer to nature.

An RV park delivers some basic amenities, while an RV resort offers the sort of comfort you would enjoy in your own home—and more. If you enjoy the lifestyle of an RV but don’t want to live without modern-life amenities like showers, Wi-Fi, and laundry rooms, then an RV resort is the perfect place for you.

Magnolia Fields RV Resort is located close to Houston and is an all-inclusive, back-in and pull-through RV park and resort. We offer convenience and plenty of amenities, such as a laundry room, paved RV parking spots, restroom facilities, and outdoor cooking amenities. Stay at one of 86 paved RV spots on 12 acres of private Texas forestry and enjoy our on-site pond and the lush forested grounds surrounding the area from the comfort of our resort!

Book your Magnolia Fields RV Resort reservation online, call now 281.825.8573, or visit us at 33595 Dobbin Huffsmith Rd, Magnolia TX, 77354.